MOST HIGH an independent music company from Wilmington , North Carolina definitely a breath of fresh air for hip-hop. The company consists of a three person crew CAROLINA TORCH bka THE GENERAL , CHETTA bka the FIRST LADY , and last but not least NUTTY. Most High has a soulful rejuvenating vibe to the sound of their music good for the soul and mind. Their thought-provoking yet gritty bars and hooks are reminiscent of the “golden era” of hip hop. The Most High crew is a composite of three stand-alone standout artist though none of the three can deny the magic that happens when they come together on their collaborations such as this new song from the crew here “BURN INSIDE”  a single off the  soon to be released “LOUD SILENCE” album. Most High is hands on with every aspect of their album release from the beat selection, to the song writing, all the way down to the design of the artwork. Most High’s goal as a company is to continue to be a fully self contain unit out-sourcing to as few people as possible while they maintain the integrity and quality in their music. Most High looks forward to helping showcase other artist from the Carolinas north and south. Actually the album “LOUD SILENCE” allows them to do just that because it is an r&b album with sprinkles of hip-hop in it. So in turn Most high will showcase some raw talent in the r&b singers the work with and allow Nutty to showcase his writing skills. There are also new releases coming from CHETTA album to be named and Carolina Torch’s “SPEAKING IN GENERAL” following “LOUD SILENCE” so stay tuned for more to come from MOST HIGH !!!!!!

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